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The importance of making a Will cannot be overstressed.

We at Moore & Partners recognise that making a Will can be daunting. This is why each Will prepared by Moore & Partners is tailor-made for the client, taking into consideration his or her personal and financial circumstances and commitments – a Will can be as basic or complex as you wish it to be.

We want our clients to feel comfortable when discussing such matters and this is why we are happy to visit clients in their own home allowing them to be in a familiar environment.

When you lose someone close to you, it is important that their estate is administered with compassion as well as efficiency. The winding up of a person’s estate involves obtaining valuations of all the assets of the estate, petitioning the Court for appointment of an Executor, or Executrix (where appropriate) and applying for Confirmation.

Thereafter with the benefit of Confirmation the assets of the Estate are gathered in and administered according to the Will or according to the law as the case may be.

We at Moore & Partners aim to handle these matters with sympathy and understanding at what is a difficult time in any person’s life.

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